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Dogs and cats age faster than people so significant changes in your pets health can happen in a short time.

Because of this it is important to have physical examinations performed on your pet once a year. Senior pets, or pets with health concerns, may need to have a check up more frequently.

These annual examinations allow us to diagnose disease and conditions early, to treat them more easily, or prevent disease entirely. This is done through a thorough history review and a “hands on” examination. If warranted, any further lab work or diagnostic testing will be discussed with you at that time. We will work with you to create a health plan for your pet.

If your pet is ill or showing any changes in health that are not typical, please call the hospital to book an appointment. With six veterinarians we can often accommodate you very quickly. We are a modern Hospital with an in house laboratory, ultrasound and digital x-ray so can perform many diagnostic procedures on site. We can often give you immediate answers and start treating your pet quickly.

We understand the close relationship between pets and their owners. We strive to examine, diagnose then implement a treatment plan as quickly as possible with minimal wait times. This ensures your pet is home as quickly as possible.