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Cat Health: Parasite Control


To enjoy healthy and active lives, cats need the protection from internal and external parasites. Cats sleep in our beds and jump up on the kitchen table. Some parasites that cats can aquire can be inadvertently transmitted to humans. Children are especially at risk Eggs of parasites are incredible resistant to environmental changes and can remain dormant in the soil for several years before infecting your cat or a member of your family. We at Tantallon Veterinary Hospital will help you decide which parasite control program is best for your pet based on your cats lifestyle.

External parasites

The most commonly encountered external parasites are Fleas and Ticks. All cats that go outside are at risk of getting fleas and ticks and this is most prevalent when there is no frost on the ground. Fleas can make your cat itchy and uncomfortable but can also cause flea allergy dermatitis, anemia and can transmit tapeworm. Ticks are blood feeders with an almost worldwide distribution. They are icky, plus they are well equipped to transmit disease agents such as viruses, bacteria and protozoa. The most well known and most common of these is the bacteria that transmits Lyme disease.

Intestinal parasites

Intestinal worms in cats come in 3 forms: Roundworm, Hookworm and Tapeworm.

They are contracted by one of the following modes of transmission:

  • The passage from a pregant or nursing mother to her kittens
  • The ingestion of feces
  • The ingestion of raw meat or animal remains in the environment
  • The ingestion of infected soil
  • The ingestion of unwashed/uncooked infected vegetables

Intestinal worms can cause no symptoms or can cause weight loss, malnourishment, intestinal discomfort, intestinal blockage, bloody diarrhea, and/ or anemia.

We have different treatment options available for prevention and treatment of parasites through topical, oral or injectable (flea) administration. These are prescriptions that are designed to be safer and more effective than ‘over the counter’ type products.

Please contact us for further information on what treatment is best for your pet.